Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PPC Creators...

Hey all!
I just wanted to share a few notes about the our first ever PPC Creators Design Team Call...

First off, if I have not responded to your DT application and confirmed that I received it, I DID NOT GET IT! Make sure you send it again if I did not write you back!

Secondly, I am SOOO very excited and pleased with the turn out of the DT call, that I just HAD to add three additional spots on the PPC Creators now we'll have a team of terrific 10!! hehehe :) Thank you everyone who sent me their applications, entries, photos, etc.!! PPC-CC is really gonna be the fun and super cool place to be! :)

AND for everyone who doesn't make the team...I do have something VERY special just for you! I know each person who has entered the design team call is amazing in their own way, so I want to recognize you all! I will be spotlighting each and every one of you in the form of a guest design team members! I hope you will all continue to have some fun and play along because we have a lot planned in the next few months!

Anyway, I had about 25-30 applications to look through and it was SOOO hard for me to make my decision! I already kind of have a feel for who has been enthusiastic and who has played along. You are all extremely talented so I can just pick based on that! My hope was to to pick a team with members who have all sorts of design team experience -- from tons to none! Each PPC Creator brings their own style and I am very excited about that!
I am hoping to announce the first ever team of PPC Creators TOMORROW, but I am not making any sure has been very hectic here lately. (I promise to explain later, though)! Hope you all understand! :)

Once again, thanks to everyone for their continued participation! You girls are absolutely awesome!!!

Oh and I'll have the PPC-CC #6 Winners posted soon, as well!

Happy Crafting!


  1. {Very} exciting!! I anxiously await the announcement of the PPC Design Team :)

  2. Good luck with your decision. I am going out of town tomorrow for my anniversary (#37!!) and hope to be able to check the site while I am gone!

  3. *SUPER EXCITING TIME* :) I also am anxiously awaiting the announcement of the PPC Creators!! Good luck with everything at home - hope all is well!


  4. I can't imagine how hard it is to choose from 30!! Good luck with your decisions and like you said, everyone is amazing so no matter who you choose, they'll be great!

  5. I can't wait to see who it'll be, even if it's not me.... I'm excited :-) Paula

  6. me too, I just can't wait.....I don't think it will be me, but it is soooo hard waiting....I keep coming back and checking....Barb

  7. WOW that is an amazing amount of applications!
    What a super hard decision you have.

    I can't wait to hear your decision.


  8. I think you are so busy and really in need of a design team to help you run the challenge blog on time.

    Wishing you and your DT all the best...

  9. Thank Anonymous...if u only knew what was goin on at home. Sorry but I have home/health priorities first, like everyone out there! Things will be up and running soon! :)

  10. do you know when you will post the design team???

  11. Thanks Megan for the opportunity you have given all of us. I can only imagine how hard this is for you. Wishing you all the best in your decision...It sure is an exciting time and I look forward to seeing who your DT's are whenever you are able to post. Wishing you only the best with your home/healthy priorities. Hugs! :)

    Good luck!