Monday, April 11, 2011

PPC DT Confusion

Hello All!

First off, we truly want to apologize for any confusion. There are two Michele's that frequent the PPC Blog and somehow both of them go into the mix-up of the DT position. BUTTTT we are VERY happy to say that we will have BOTH Michele's on our PPC DT -- Michele K. and Michele F!!! -- WOOHOOO! :)
Again, here are our newest PPC DT Members!!! :)

 That's a whole bunch of L's & M's! lol

And of course, a lovely Welcome Back to Lori, Tamie & Paula!

I we are all soooo sorry for all of this, but are soo very excited to all of on our DT and can't wait to see what you bring to it!


  1. Alright! The more the merrier :-) Tamie & I will play the supporting rolls representing the T & P (snicker snickerk, can you tell I have two sons or what?!) Anywho, welcome to all the L's & M's and all those who play along with our weekly color combo!

  2. Wow, so cool, welcome and can't wait to get craftn' together!

  3. I love what you said Paula, I will totally represent with you! Congrat's to everyone and I love that we have one more DT. Woot, Woot!!