Monday, August 16, 2010

No Paper/Product Buying Challenge!!!

We've got a new challenge, and would LOVE for you to participate!

So what is the No Paper/Product Buying Challenge?!?

My good blogging friend, Allison & I have come to the conclusion that we have WAY TOO MUCH paper and not enough projects made! So we are bringing this challenge onto, not only ourselves, but you talented crafters, as well! It's for anyone open to a BIG challenge! Are you in?!

The Challenge: Complete 100 Crafty Projects (beginning August 1, 2010) before you're allowed to buy any paper/tools/accessories! But how can you resist that beautiful Fall paperstack, you ask?! It'll be worth it...I promise you! It's like a support group for those of us not allowed to buy paper! lol It also gives us a really good excuse to allow more time to get crafty and to do what we love! :)

And of course, with every challenge, there are rules...

Challenge Rules:
  1. 50 of the projects must be posted (and within that post, must state that you are partipating in the challenge).
  2. Participants are allowed cosumable items (ie. adhesive, glue dots, taper runner refills, tool accessories (Cricut blades, Big Shot plates, etc.), and embellishments (use good judgement etc.).
  3. Participants must keep track of their own number of projects made. Their Project Challenge Tracker must be displayed and updated regularly on their blog. (The sidebar works good for this. To see mine  for an example, please go here).
  4. Please be truthful with your numbers. We are using the honor system here.
There are TWO great chances to win a prize! Allison and I will each be giving away something! Details and actual prizes will be provided soon.
Let's use our 'Support System' and keep each other ON track with NO cheating!

Any questions, comments, etc? Please send them my way ( Or leave one here...I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Also, Allison and I have also decided to see how much patterened paper we can use up, too! We all know that each of us has a 'Paper Hoarder' in them, so why keep it stashed?! USE IT UP!!! And we figured that in the end, we get reward ourselves for all of our hard work. Allison has said that for every 5 sheets of patterned paper she uses, she is allowed to buy 1 sheet. Therefore, if she want to buy a pack of paper that has 12 sheets, she needs to use up 60 from her stash...get it? At this time, I'm really not sure what my reward will be in the end...I'm just set on using up that stashed paper of mine! Once I think of something, I'll be sure to inform you all. hehehe :)

 Will you be particpating?! If so, leave a comment on this post so that we may keep track of your work. :)

 So what are you waiting for?! It's time to get craftyyyyy! And don't forget to spread the word! :)


  1. I'm in! I've been working on it since you posted about it previously. Since I'm on vacation, the timing is perfect. I haven't kept track of my patterned paper used but it's pretty obvious that my stash is going down!

  2. Could I resist buying?? This is hard.... But I tons of paper..will need a whole year of this kind of challenge to get rid of half of what I have.. love this blog..

    Can you enter those project in other blog challenges??

    I will try is there a dead line.. I read it start Aug 1st, 15 days ago..

    Thanks Girls.. you will see more of me around here....


  3. Oh boy, I had to think twice before I decided to go for it!!!! I agree that we all have way too much unused stash, and it will save me a huge amount of cash!!! I think I'll reward myself in the end with a trip to a HUGE paperstore!!!! *LOL*
    Maybe you can provide us with a badge to put on our sidebar? Something like: I'm joining the No paper/product challenge at PPC-CC, my counter's at:
    Just an idea..
    Hugs Alie