Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sorry I've been M-I-A...

Hi All!

I am SOOOO very sorry for the lack of blogging and challenge participation the past week! I have been SOOO stinkin' busy its ridiculous! We're in the process of putting in a patio and repainting the kitchen. And I've been working extra hours at my second job and taking on a Zumba and cardio workout class twice a week! Plus we just got our female St. Bernard, Meisha, fixed so we've been taking care of her, as well. Ahhh no time to breath or craft! :( I'm trying to find time for myself now. lol I'm hoping to have some time later this week to get crafty and post! And I promise that I'll have the PPC-CC #4 Winners posted soon, as well as the winning prizes sent out. Hope all is well out there in Blog-Land! Thanks!


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